Chapter One

Swagger Cat

This cat is pretty swagger. You name the cat Swagger Cat.

Chapter Two

The Doctor

Since your hand is infected you do the logical thing and go to the doctor. The doctor seems pretty weird though and keeps saying you're going to need surgery. You don't want to have surgery so you bolt out of that hospital like an olypmic track star.

Chapter Three

The Crack In The Road

As you are running from the hospital, Swagger Cat following closely behind, you focus only on running. Since you are so focused on getting away you forget to focus on where you're going. You also fail to focus on the fact that you're running straight towards a large crack in the road. By crack I mean canyon. It's been there for weeks but in your haste you fail to see it and plunge straight into it. As your feet step out onto the air you start to fall. You tumble through the air for what seems like hours in the spand of 5 seconds. You hit the bottom with a thud. As you stand up you realise you are perfectly fine. You look up out of the whole to see Swagger Cat staring down at you. Swagger Cat lets out a quiet meow that echoes and bounces off the sides of the pit. How did you survive? Could it be the power of Swagger Cat?

Chapter Four

The Clip

As you ponder this question reality slips away. Could this cat be special? You continue to let your mind wander and soon you realise, you've been in this pit for 3 hours. You decide to explore your surroundings. You look around the pit and see a brown paper bag,

You pull the paperclip out of the bag and stare at it. What could you possibly use a paperclip for? You sit down against a tall rock and stew in your depression. How will you get out? You have no idea. You fall asleep while trying to think of how to get out.

Chapter Five


You wake up to the sun beating down on your eyelids. When you open your eyes you're met with the bright sun directly above you. After you're eyes adjust to the light you realize you're still stuck. If only it had been just a bad dream. But it wasn't, you were stuck. Stuck in a hole with no hope of escape except a paperclip. You look up and see that Swagger Cat is still there. As you stare at Swagger Cat your mind starts to drift. Your mind is brought back to reality however when you see Swagger Cat wink. Could you be hallucinating? Or did that strange cat just wink? You try to brush it off as if nothing happend and push the thought to the back of your head. After all, you have much bigger problems at hand. You're still stuck in a pit.

Chapter Six


A memory surges to the front of your brain, you remember seeing a story about a paperclip. What was it... 2015, back when "Hamilton" was fresh on Broadway, "Uptown Funk" was all the rage, "Jurassic World" was brand new, that was even the same year the "Is The Dress White or Blue?" was popular... All the way back then you remember this story about a guy, Kyle MacDonald, who traded a paperclip to a house... Maybe, just maybe, you can trade this paperclip to a way out...

Chapter Seven


You yell of the hole calling people to the pit. People surround the pit and stare down at you. You explain what you're trying to do. A little boy named Edgar agrees to trade with you. He agrees to trade the paperclip for hit shoelace. He drops down the end of a rope and you attach the paperclip to it. He pulls up the rope and drops down the shoelace. You thank him and he runs off.

Chapter Eight

The Beanie

The next person who walks by you notice has a loose shoelace. You bargain with him trying to trade him the shoelace. He agrees to trade his beanie for the shoelace. He also happens to have a rope in his pocket and lowers it down. He drops the beanie down to you and you tie the shoelace to the rope. He pulls it up and skates off. You notice it's getting dark and decide to curl up next to some rocks and hide your head in the beanie. You slowly drift off to sleep but are suddenly awakened by Swagger Cat's meow. Why is this cat always here? You'd think it would have run off by now.

Chapter Nine

The Chedder

Coming Soon


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Swagger Cat is a fictitious story not based off of any real world events.
Exept for the parts that are...